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What's your last name?

What's the best phone number for your feedback call? *

I sleep best: *

I sleep best if: *

I sleep best and wake up feeling most rested if I: *

After vigorous exercise, I tend to crave:

In order to last 4 hours between meals and maintain mental clarity and a sense of well-being,  I prefer to eat:

Which best describes your reaction to sugar or sweet foods such as jelly donuts, candy or sweetened drinks:

My body shape is closest to: *

Which statement best describes your disposition toward food in general:

In general, I prefer:

Instinctually, I prefer to eat:

Which list of fish most appeals to your taste without concern for calories or fat content: *

When eating dairy products, do you feel best after eating:

With regard to snacking, do you:

Which characteristics best describe you:

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